Model Release Form For Artists ans Artist Models

For valuable consideration, I hereby give __________________________
(here on known as Artist) permission to use Images from this photo shoot as
reference for Artist’s artwork. I hereby waive any right to inspect and/or approve the photos from the shoot, finished artwork, or the use to which it may be applied. Date of Photo Shoot ____/____/____

The photos taken will be for art reference only, and artist will have no right to sell reference photos either on the internet or any other venue, but artwork based on these photos (paintings, sculpture, fine art prints, etc.) may be sold on the internet or any other venue. Artist may not show nude photo reference to others without first getting permission from model. Artist may not use photos for a “photo montage” type work without first getting permission from model.

Model may use Images for his/her portfolio, but may not sell or give permission for others to use copies of images without permission from artist.

Model’s Name (Print) _______________________________________

Date of birth ____/____/____

Address _________________________________________________

City _____________________________ State _____  Zip__________

Phone ___________________________________________________

Model’s Signature _________________________ Date ____/____/____

I give permission for Artist to use my name as a part of the title in the artwork created from these photos.     YES         NO
This is just an aid to help Models and Artists understand intentions and boundaries. By using this model release form you hold, DFW Art Models, and/or the WebMaster, not liable for any injury that may occur because of it's use.