This is a site to aid models and artists in the great tradition of painting, drawing or sculpting from life.

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This is a list of art classes and open life drawing sessions in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.
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The O'Keefe Studio Center - Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, Figure Sculpture
Last Updated
2023-09-01 11:20:34
Session Description:
A serious studio with many classes and workshops in various visual art forms. Emphasis on working from the model.
The O'Keefe Studio Center, 580 W. Arapaho Suite 290 Richardson, TX 75080
Cedars Art Gallery's Private Painting & Drawing Sessions.
Last Updated
2023-01-17 02:58:31
Session Description:
OPEN AGAIN... Welcome Back!

We are having sessions on Thursday evening AND Saturday afternoon. We are continuing at the new location. No teacher or instructions. Typically, we work with nude models, and the sessions last for at least three hours with a break every 20 minutes.
Several of the core artists are professionals who have been meeting together for many years. These are serious artists, yet the atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. We are open and inviting to artists of any level who respect the model and the other artists.
5835 Penrose Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
The new space is in a church education wing at the corner of Penrose and Bremen. Space is on the second floor. Enter by outside stair on west end of the building (sorry, no elevator).
Fort Worth
figure drawing
Last Updated
2021-11-03 19:42:54
Session Description:
life drawing
TAFA Studios
Sofia Art Academy - Traditional Classic Art School
Last Updated
2021-06-06 21:13:08

Session Description:
There are four levels in the main program (We also provide special courses and workshops) at Sofia Art Academy.

First Level - Constructive drawing and painting of simple objects and forms, sculptures, and still lifes.

Second Level - Constructive drawing and painting of complex objects and forms, sculptures, and still lifes.

Third Level - Constructive drawing of features of the face, hand, foot, skull and head constructions. Painting of complex still lifes.

Fourth Level - Constructive drawing of human head, torso with hands and full figure. Life models portrait and figure drawing and painting.

Also, we are specializing in preparing art portfolio!

Are you getting ready for College?
Our Students' Art Portfolios Win Scholarships!
Call us today or visit to find out more!
Sofia Art Academy
14856 Preston Road, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75254
The Society of Figurative Arts ::::::: Open Studio, Workshops and Labs.
Last Updated
2021-06-06 20:54:48
Session Description:
Call 972-679-1625 for info.

TSOFA Is currently offering open sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beginners, amateurs and professionals welcome.

The Society stresses individual expression through an understanding of the classical methods of drawing and painting: learning to draw the mass and planes of the human form, developing a drawing procedure, understanding figure structure, proportion, anatomy, developing light and shape, and analyzing design and composition.

Individual instruction is the primary focus with demonstrations given at the beginning of class and during model breaks.

The Society of Figurative Arts currently offers on-going Figure drawing classes and portraiture. All life drawing sessions use experienced nude models.

Demonstrations are also given in a variety of mediums: pencil. charcoal, pastel, pen and ink, watercolor, and oil. All easels, academy benchs, and drawing broads are provided, Sofa members (students) receive discounts at Asel Art Supply and other area stores with member card.

Visit our web-site to learn more about The Society.
Enroll on-line or at the first session (cash, checks, Mastercard or Visa accepted)

You can also schedule a visit to our studio before you enroll.

Our Studios are located at 3306 Wiley Post (North Dallas - just west of Addison airport)

All easels, academy benchs and drawing broads provided.
Dallas College - El Centro Campus Art classes
Last Updated
2021-02-01 20:34:30
Session Description:
Classes that use models often:
Drawing II, Figure Drawing I & II (all currently remote SP2021)

When face to face, usually: M/W 1:30 - 4:15, intermediate to advanced students. Other class and section times vary by semester, day is most common.
Some use of models at teacher request - 2 additional Drawing II sections may be are offered. All courses offered depend on required enrollment of 15 to "make".

Occasional models:
Painting I & II & Advanced Painting I & II - beginning to advanced students - (currently remote)
When face to face Usually T/R 1:30 - 4:15 pm, other sections and times times vary

Edmundo "Omar" Hernandez, Full-time Faculty for modeling questions and booking.

Kim Russell, Full-time Faculty

Additional PT art teachers include: Tamara Wascovich, Betsy Williamson

The teachers vary in the type and length of poses. All are very good about breaks and are reasonable about the abilities of the model. Gesture poses are often used as warm-up for longer poses.

Visit our website at:

The El Centro College Art Dept. is also on both Facebook and Twitter.
Visit us soon!
El Centro College
801 Main Street
downtown Dallas, 75202
City block bounded by Market, Main, Lamar and Elm streets. Close to DART bus and train. Very limited PAID parking. See comments.

3D and 2D Art Studio is in the "C" building basement - C020. The C building entrance faces Market St. near the entrance arch to the West End. Go into the lobby and go down in the elevators to "B". When you exit the elevator, go straight ahead through the double wooden doors into the Art Studio, rm. # C020 et. al. Studio phone number - 214-860-2748

2D Art Studio, A851, is on the 8th floor of the A building - the 9 story historic building facing Lamar St. Take the elevator to the 8th floor. Go to the left as you exit the elevator then go around the corner to your right. A851 is the first room on your left.
Monday night Figure Drawing/Live Model Drawing Lab at CAC
Last Updated
2021-01-12 18:26:32
Session Description:
Monday night figure drawing concentrates on the fundamentals of good drawing: gesture, contour and mass, with an overview of the general skeleton and muscles of the body. Drawing fundamentals will be emphasized, as well as encouraging individual style in drawing.
Sunday Drop-in Lab with live model, no instructor
The Creative Arts Center of Dallas
2360 Laughlin Drive
Dallas, TX 75228
Ellen Soderquist's Classes Fall 2018
Last Updated
2021-01-12 18:26:11
Session Description:
As a teacher of life drawing, I encourage you to learn the role of the nude in the history of art and to communicate your ideas about humanity through your work. Each of you have special qualities that you bring to your artwork; and, I try to structure classes that will help you advance your concepts and techniques. Questions and suggestions are encouraged and are a means of providing information that others may also want: let me know what you need! If you would like to work in a particular media or a demonstration of a technique, please let me know; and I will try to incorporate it into our classes. If you have your own agenda, feel free to pursue it.
7627 Rolling Acres Drive, Dallas, TX 75248
figurative sculpture
Last Updated
2021-01-12 18:26:02
Session Description:
This is a 3 hour sculpture instruction class offered by the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. We study the human form and work from nude models as well as clothed models. We offer instruction to all skill levels. Our medium is clay. Sculpture size us usually 10-14 inches.
Creative Arts Center of Dallas
2360 Laughlin Dr. Dallas Tx. 75228