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Profile Last Updated 2022-10-06 03:23:50  
Location: Dallas
Costume Owns Costumes Portrait Semi Nude Nude Life Casting Body Art
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Life modeling for over three years.
Physical Stats
Height: 6 ' 2"
Weight: 160
Chest: 42
Waist: 34"
Hips: 39"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Ethnicity: Black
Life Session Rates
25 hourly
Photo Session Rates
25 hourly
Availability Schedule
Monday: Open
Tuesday: Open
Wednesday: Open
Thursday: Open
Friday: Open
Saturday: Open
Sunday: Open
(WOW I haven't updated in two years!) Well, firstly I'm a giant geek, and I am in love with the work you all do, its been life changing to be in this field and I'm thankful for everyone I've met and all the opportunities given.

I love modeling(March 2019), martial arts, I actually took up Capoeira about a year after I started modeling, and am a part time low level instructor. Both of these thing literally saved me from myself. I was a horrible depressed mess, and modeling has allowed for me to express myself and think of the world in ways I never imagined possible.

In my spare time, I work out, sing karaoke, make music with my brother, I might draw, and I love anime and manga.

I have a life ambition to write a book one day so there is that, as well and hopes to make it into superhero movies.

I am hearing that the people I model for have taken to my personality and unorthodox method of posing. You wont get stale and uninspired gestures when I'm in the room, and am often praised for my stillness and unique posing. As an artist myself I enjoy the lectures being told while in pose.

Nude, clothed, costumed, photo, classes, private projects, need some to try on your clothes, the whole works. I'm a fun time, great model, and dependable.

I've worked with
Ellen Sodequist
Michael o'keefe
University Of Texas at Dallas
Russel Fullhaber
Creative Arts Center of Dallas three seperat classes used me
Collin county college
Michael Mentler and TFAS
Katherine Martinez Waters
Dallas Contemporary
Mei Yang
Justin Dunlap
Simon Studeny

Ive modeled on stage with Caroline Leest Rose Brian Isaacson, and Maryam Hashemishirazi

If you look up The Last of The Force on youtube, You'll actually get to see my fist step back into my first love of acting!!!
Ive worked with a few private art groups as their model and a few smaller class type meet ups.

And in California, Patris Art Studios

Thanks for reading this long-winded post, and thanks for your consideration!

Jorga Udtho
Random hikers saw meShot by Mei YangShot by Darkroomlament
With Caroline Leest Rose