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Location: Keller
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Life modeling for over three years.
Physical Stats
Height: 5 ' 8"
Weight: 180
Chest: 40
Waist: 32"
Hips: 34"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: Anglo
Life Session Rates
Photo Session Rates
Availability Schedule
Monday: After 6PM
Tuesday: After 6PM
Wednesday: After 6PM
Thursday: After 6PM
Friday: After 6PM
Saturday: All Day
Sunday: All Day
My next gig is at the Fort Worth Community Art Center (FWCAC) on Monday, 18-Apr-2012 from 01:00 PM -- 04:00 PM CST. If you would like to attend this event and paint/draw/sketch a live model, contact Melinda Morrison, FWCAC, 303-881-1122,!!!!

Contact Info:
Stage Name is Augusto Giovanni

By day I’m and experienced IT professional with 30+ years in the business. By night/weekends I’m a mature, experienced, and dependable, life model who has served numerous times as a model for the following artists/institutions over the last decade:

Texas Academy of Figurative Arts (TAFA)
Brookhaven Community College
Fort Worth Community Arts Center (FWCAC)
Texas Christian University (TCU)
Ellen Soderquist
Carol Ivey Studios
Cedar Arts Gallery
Dallas Makers Space
Society of Figurative Arts (SOFA)
University of North Texas (UNT)
Friday Night Lights and Shadows (FNLAS)

The list below are three people who will gladly serve as a reference for me:

Melinda Morrison, FWCAC, 303-881-1122,
Chuck D’Arcy, FNLAS, 972-814-7281,
Lindsey Bass, UNT,
Ron Cheek, TAFA, 817-727-2995,

My body is pretty proportional … torso and legs about the same length, piercing and tattoo free!!!

Obviously, we can come up with a custom costume of your choice; here are the most popular looks I have:
Caballero Cowboy; as shown in port; black caballero hat, boots, and gloves, red bandanas tied around waist or neck
Indian Chief; as shown in port; headdress and loin cloth
Victorian Gentleman; black paints and shoes, black top hat, shirt with ruffles around collar and cuffs, vest, jacket

Although I’m kept pretty busy, working at least once a month at an art studio or for an artist, I’m also available for private parties. Recently, I served as a life model for a women’s 50th BDay party in which she simply had her girl friends over to her home, provided them with sketch pads and pencils, and jokingly started the night off by saying, “Girls let’s see some pecs and drink some pinot noir”. A good time was had by all and several women said the experience made them feel empowered and was very liberating. I’ve also served as a life model for bachelorette parties, which inspired two of the participants to enroll in art classes. As mentioned, I’m a mature, experienced, and dependable, life model. Contact me to discuss your next event!!!

In addition to working with some great artists, I have had the pleasure of working with some great photographers.

The link below contains various pics of me when I was in my mid 40’s that were captured by a variety of photographers, including my wife of 33+ years, Cyndi:

Finally, The link below shows a couple of pics of me (see if you can find me), taken my all time favorite photographer, Russell Windle:

IT professional by day, fitness and life model by night and on the weekends; currently seeking new life modeling opportunities.
• 10 years life modeling experience
o Nude
o Clothed
o Costumes
• Professional, reliable, easy to work with

Work History
Although I’ve done all types of modeling, I’m typically used for fitness, underwear, swimwear, and artistic nude assignments. Modeling history overview:

Commissioned for “Dudedoir Painting”
Artist: Kristy Nicole Chandler
Served as Model for NorCalBodz
Company: NorCalBodz / Gary Gonzales /

Served as Model for Magic Silk Underwear Line
Company: JockStrapCentral / John Taite /

Served as Model & Writer
Company: Underwear News Briefs / Tim Coleman /

Served as a life model at the following locations:
• SOFIA Art Academy, Contact: Igor Khunteyev (
• Brookhaven Community College, Contact: Jim Burton (
Served as Model at the 2011 Europa Show

Commissioned for “Character Series” by Stanley Moore
Photographer: Stanley Moore

Interviewed by the “Heartthrob Hero Blog”

Partnered with American Roadhouse to create illustrations from my previous “Water Series”

Partnered with Photographer Russell Windle / / 972-247-7944
to author the book “Homage to an Adonis”
This book was a tribute to Tony Sansone, An American Adonis and the first male physique icon
The book sold over 100 copies and is not out of print, a copy of the book can be presented on request
Served as a model for two workshops conducted by Carol Ivey / / 817-774-6048

Served as a life model at the following locations:
• Texas Academy of Figurative Art, Contact: Andrew Boatright / / 817-891-5353
• Fort Worth Community Art Center

Planned, Organized, Coordinated, and Controlled a show entitled “Celebrating the Male Form” at the Basement Gallery in Dallas
Contact: Daniel Yanez / / 469-779-1480

2016 -- 2019
• Concentrated on securing more stable positions in IT (experience layoff)
• Helped the wife finish out getting our son to the graduation

2020 GIGS
The ArtRoomFW -- 05-Feb-2020
Contact: Nathan Madrid ( / 972-849-8900)

SOFIA Art Academy -- 07-Feb-2020
Contact: Nina Abramova ( 972-607-8955)
2020 Schedule
• SOFIA Art Academy
o Fridays from 5 – 7 PM from 24-Jan-2020 through 28-Feb-2020
• Fort Worth Community Art Center
o Tuesday, 03-Mar-2020
o Tuesday, 07-Apr-2020
• Collin College (Friday Night Lights & Shadows)
o Friday, 06-Mar-2020

Additionally, I offer a 2 hour course on Life Modeling. Dallas is a great market for Life Models, especially male Life Models, in which you can earn an average of $20.00/hour. If you land as a model at a college for the whole semester or encounter an artist who wants to work with you directly, your earnings potential is even greater. Being a Life Model is much more than just stripping down and striking a pose. There are concepts, practices, and behaviors, that, if mastered, can assure that you are consistently working and requested. If you would like to learn more about an upcoming Life Model Workshop, contact me.
Finally, the link below shows a couple of pics of me (see if you can find me), taken my all time favorite photographer, Russell Windle:

FNLAS_202108-6_PI_002FNLAS_20210806_PoseFNL&S 04FNL&S 03FNL&S 02
FWCAC 03/03/2020 04FWCAC 03/03/2020 02FWCAC 03/03/2020 01SOFIA Feb 2020Cowboy
15 Minute PoseKristy Nicole ChandlerKristy Nicole ChandlerIllustration WorkCarol Ivey Workshop