This is a site to aid models and artists in the great tradition of painting, drawing or sculpting from life.

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DFW Art Models is a website to help traditional life drawing, painting, and sculpting groups connect with art models in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
Art Models Workshop Art Models Workshop
To see more images from the last DFW Art Models Workshop click here.

Some of the Topics covered at the event:

  • • Free professional head shots for models before and after the workshop.
  • • Demonstration on dynamic modeling.
  • • Lighting the model.
  • • Proper behavior for artists and models.
  • • Working with life groups.
  • • working with photo shoots.
  • • Question and answer time.
  • • Socializing, snacks and more.

Release Form

(as talked about in the Art Models Workshop)
Here is a release for for artists and artists models to use when doing a photo shoot for reference.
Click Here To Read and Print Out Release Form

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This site to aid models and artists in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and is "PG 13 Rated" (there are no nude photos of models, but there are paintings and drawings of nudes). This site is not responsible for unprofessional acting models or artists that may use this service.