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Profile Last Updated 2021-01-18 12:09:57
Mary Ann
Location: Richardson
Costume Owns Costumes Portrait Semi Nude Nude Life Casting Body Art
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Life modeling for over three years.
Physical Stats
5 ' 9"
38" D
Life Session Rates
$75 for a 3 hr session
Photo Session Rates
Placement ask 1st; photo shoot $100/hr 2 hr minimum
Availability Schedule
Monday: Open after 09am
Tuesday: Open after 09am
Wednesday: Open after 09am
Thursday: Open after 09am
Friday: Open after 09am
Saturday: Open after 09am
Sunday: Open after 09am
Updated 14 July 2020

I really like to have fun and play with creative people, and it's easier for me to do so when I've got the business clarified and out of the way. So, to business:

I love the idea of collaboration and cross-pollination in the Arts.

I don't love vagueness, hints and subtleties.

I prefer plain-spoken gentle directions and plans: who you are, where and when we'll be working, what the goal is, etc.

For an independent session, please do not make last-minute drastic deviations from the plan without direct, clear communication. These can be deal-breakers.

In a controlled classroom environment, I have much more leeway and can be much more flexible about changes in plans. Communication is still essential for the best results for both artist and model.

Due to circumstances beyond my control during the May/June COVID-19 shutdown, my beautiful long hair became damaged. I was unable to see my stylist who specializes in long hair care due to health considerations in his household. As a result of this damage and delayed care, I was forced to cut the lovely hair I have had since 1993.

This drastic and unexpected change affected me deeply and emotionally. A great deal of how I view myself personally came from those flowing locks. I am still adjusting to this loss.

The saving grace of this event came from the loving care of the stylist who took the remaining hair and carefully shaped it so that it complements my face and bone structure. Her skill at layering created a style which flows as I move, and frames the emotional expressions I bring to modeling.

I fully intend to grow my hair back to its former glory; however, I am enjoying learning to model and pose with the shorter hair!

I must also clarify some expectations for the artists and photographers with whom I work:

• As with figure modeling in a studio, the person wearing the least sets the boundaries. Period. If I'm naked, I determine how far the envelope is pushed. Suggestions are welcome, even appreciated. But I make the decision whether or not I will proceed.

• My nude and implied nude work is paid. Period. If you don't believe in paying for modeling work, you may very well get what you pay for. Good luck to you.

• Paid shoot or not, I require copies of my work. Period. As with all true professionals, I am still learning. If I cannot see the end work product, it's impossible to learn from it. If this is an issue, I am not the model for you.

• About makeup and hair completion before shoot time: It’s hot in Texas, and I treasure my beloved classic pickup. The a/c is not what it used to be, and while traveling, applied hair products and makeup, even waterproof, melt off. Please have an area designated for model prep, even if it's just a tow-free parking spot. I am willing to arrive as much as an hour early to prep in situ.

• I budget my time and energy towards collaborating and producing in front of the camera. While I often refer to photo shoots as “playing” because I usually find them to be fun, I do not enjoy discovering there’s a no-show, a hidden agenda, or manipulative game-playing. These things impair the creative process. And they suck. If I am your model, don’t do these things. I consider honest communication to be essential.

Other interests: Jewelry Crafting, Acting, Narrating and Voice Over, Magic the Gathering, reading and listening to audio books, as well as fashion and clothing. I do speak some Spanish. Lastly, I have a Masters in Accounting, but modeling and making jewelry are both more fun, even if bookkeeping contributes more towards the bills.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Mary Ann.
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