This is a site to aid models and artists in the great tradition of painting, drawing or sculpting from life.

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Artist: (Free for this membership) If you are a painter, drawer, sculptor, etc. (sorry no photographers) and live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas, you can set up a profile to show off some of your work. If you are a photographer please use this site.
Leader: (There is a $20 fee for this membership) Being listed as a Leader (Instructor/Facilitator) has many pillages and is given only to legitimate life session leaders in the Dallas / Fort Worth area (those who head up drawing, painting or sculpting life sessions). We check on each request before granting access to view private listings. This is to help protect the models. If you are an artist or photographer, and would like to use a model on a project, you can e-mail them.
Model: (Free for this membership) To be posted on this site you must be 18 years of age or older and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. This site is for models that want to work with artists. If you only want to work with photographers please use this site.